11 Steps to Know if Your Boyfriend Still Loves You

11 Steps to Know if Your Boyfriend Still Loves You

You are dating the love of your life and you want to know if he still loves you. There are a lot of signs that will tell you if this is the case, but we have collected 11 that will help clarify things for you. You should also be aware that sometimes things might not work out with your boyfriend, which is why it’s good to know how to get back together with him!

If you notice any of the signs listed below in the behavior of your boyfriend, then you should try mSpy.

He listens and hears you

The first thing that you need to be sure of is that your boyfriend actually listens and hears you when you talk. If he does, this shows that he still cares about what you have to say and respects your opinion.

He is able to yield

A man who loves his woman will always try to accommodate her, even if it means giving up something he wants for himself. This is a very important characteristic of a healthy relationship.

11 Steps to Know if Your Boyfriend Still Loves You

He is always ready to fix something

No matter how big or small the problem might be, a loving boyfriend will always be there trying to help solve it. He can help with the dishes, taking out the trash or anything else that needs to be done.

He doesn’t mind interacting with your loved ones

It’s always a good sign when your boyfriend is able to get along well with your family and friends. This means he values the important people in your life and wants them to like him too.

He is interested in your opinion when choosing clothes

One of the things that shows how much a man loves his woman is if he takes her opinion into account when it comes to what he wears. If he asks for your advice on what shirt or pants look best on him, this is definitely something worth keeping.

He cooks to please you

Even if cooking isn’t his thing, a loving boyfriend will put in the effort to make something special for you. He might not be able to cook every day, but he will definitely try to do it sometimes.

He plans trips and does not forget about dates

If your boyfriend is always planning trips and remembering important dates, this is a clear sign that he cares about you and wants to make sure you’re always happy.

He thinks you are beautiful even on bad days

A man who loves you will never stop telling you that he thinks you’re beautiful. He might also compliment your look with a smile or give some other indication of his appreciation for everything about you.

He is proud of your achievements and ready to support your crazy ideas

A man who loves you will be ready to support any crazy idea or goal that you have, big or small. He’ll also be proud of the things he knows make you happy and express it whenever possible.

11 Steps to Know if Your Boyfriend Still Loves You

He fights for your love and worries about you

Even if everything is going great between you two, a man who loves you will always worry about you. He wants to know that you’re safe and happy in every aspect of your life and will fight for your love with everything he has.

What to do if you suspect your boyfriend is cheating?

Surely at times you wonder how to know if your boyfriend still loves you. And that’s completely normal!

Cheating always causes problems in relationships, but there’s no need to worry when it comes to using the mSpy app! This spyware can be installed on any Android device and even though it looks like nothing has changed after installation.

All data from the phone will show up on your personal control panel where you can see what texts have been read, which apps are being used most often and much more information about calls made and received by the person who uses this particular phone.

The first thing you should do if you have any suspicions of cheating is talk to him about it. If he’s innocent, he’ll have nothing to hide and will be willing to answer all of your questions. If he’s guilty, though, things might get a bit more complicated.

Use a reliable spy app – mSpy

If you have any doubts about whether or not your boyfriend still loves you, the best thing to do is use a reliable spy app like mSpy. This software will allow you to track all of his activities on his phone so that there are no secrets left between the two of you.

Special features of mSpy:

  • Read emails: If your boyfriend is cheating on you, he might be communicating with the other woman through email. With mSpy, you can read all of his emails so that you know exactly what’s going on.
  • View photos & videos: If your boyfriend has been sending inappropriate pictures or videos to the other woman, you’ll be able to see them with mSpy.
  • Monitor Internet activities: He could be spending a lot more time on dating websites or chatting with the other woman online. With mSpy, you’ll be able to see everything he does on the internet.
  • Access contacts and calendar: You’ll be able to see all of the people your boyfriend is in contact with as well as any events he has scheduled in his calendar.
  • GPS tracking: If your boyfriend has been telling you that he’s at work but you know he isn’t, the GPS tracker on mSpy will be able to show his exact location and prove whether or not what he says is true.
  • Read text messages: You’ll be able to read all of the texts sent back and forth between him and anyone else with this app installed on his phone. This feature also allows for call logs so that no calls are missed!
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  • View call history: The other woman might have called from a blocked number? With mSpy, there won’t ever be any numbers hidden from view again because it can track up to 1000 contacts in its searchable database. There are numerous reasons why you might need to use a spy app like mSpy, but the most important one is to ensure that your relationship is healthy and happy. If you have any doubts at all about whether or not your boyfriend still loves you, using this software is the best way to get answers!
  • Read instant messages: With mSpy, you can also read all of the instant messages that have been sent and received on your boyfriend’s phone. This includes Facebook, WhatsApp, Viber and Skype conversations!
  • Keylogger: The Keylogger on mSpy will track all of the keys that have been pressed on your boyfriend’s phone. This means that you’ll be able to see what passwords he’s using and any other confidential information that he might not want you to know about!
  • Keyword alerts: If you have any keywords that you’re worried he might search for, the keyword alerts feature will let you know if those words are typed into his phone.

How to install mSpy?

  • Download mSpy from official website.
  • Launch mSpy application to add target phone.
  • After installation, you can login into your control panel using email and password that was used during purchase process of the app. 

Link Tracking feature might not work immediately. It takes some time, approximately one hour after installation until “My Spy apps” page will show statistics tracking. If you need to track link earlier then do it from your Control Panel at the bottom of Link Tracking section or by sending SMS with short link code directly to target phone number.


This is a must read post for any girl who want to know if her boyfriend still loves her. If you are having doubts about your relationship then this guide will definitely help you in knowing the truth behind all those lies and secrets of your partner.

Just follow our advice if you want to understand how to know your boyfriend really loves you. You can regain trust, love again or even save your marriage by using these methods given in the article. We hope that this blog post has helped some of our readers 🙂

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