How to See Who My Husband is Texting: 3 Best Methods

How to See Who My Husband is Texting: 3 Best Methods

It is a common question asked by many wives: “How can I see who my husband is texting?” There are many methods that you can use to find out if your spouse is cheating on you. In this blog post, we will discuss the 3 best ways to spy on your significant other’s text messages and phone calls!

App to see who my husband is texting – mSpy

mSpy is one of the best applications for cell phone spying. This app can be installed on an Android or iPhone device, making it one of the most versatile apps available today to spy your husband’s text messages and calls!

mSpy has a lot features that allows you to get all information about target mobile phone:

How to See Who My Husband is Texting: 3 Best Methods

View photos/media:

The mSpy features include the ability to view all photos, videos and other media files stored on the target phone.


mSpy allows you to log keystrokes! This feature will allow you read all text messages that are sent or received by your spouse’s device. The app has a smart algorithm which detects SMS keywords in any language (French, Spanish, Portuguese etc.). And records them for future review. It is worth noting that this feature works with instant messaging apps as well.

Read emails/chat history:

Another useful function of this application allows users to monitor email accounts used on target phones including Gmail Yahoo mail Skype etc . Also it can be used to track chat histories from WhatsApp Viber Skype and Facebook messenger .

Track web history:

mSpy allows you to see all websites visited by the target phone user. You can track their internet activity including bookmarks, cached pages etc.

View call history:

The app also enables users to view all incoming and outgoing calls with duration and time stamps.

Monitor GPS location:

This feature is very important as it will allow you to know the exact location of your husband or wife at any given moment! The app tracks the target device’s movement 24/24 and sends regular updates to your online account.


This feature is perfect for parents who want to make sure their children stay safe! With Geofencing, you can set up a virtual boundary and get notified if the target device leaves that area.

Monitor Internet activities:

The app also allows you to see all social media activities on the target phone. You can track posts, messages, likes and followers.

Contacts and calendar:

You can also view all contacts and calendar entries on the target device.

Invisible mode:

This feature is perfect for users who want to spy on their spouse without being noticed. The app will remain invisible and it won’t appear in the target phone’s list of installed applications!

How to See Who My Husband is Texting: 3 Best Methods

mSpy strengths:

mSpy is very easy to use and install. It can be installed remotely on any Android or iOS device without the knowledge of its owner!

This app provides great flexibility as it supports multiple devices including mobile phones, tablets laptops computers etc. This means that you only need one account to spy all your family members’ gadgets!

In addition mSpy has a user friendly interface which makes monitoring easy even for non-technical users. mSpy will do a great job and answer your question “how can i see who my husband is texting?”.

mSpy weaknesses:

The subscription fees for mSpy can be a bit expensive for some people .

mSpy is a legal spy application and it is used by millions of people worldwide. However, we advise our users to check their local laws before using the app as some of its features may be illegal in certain countries.

How can I see who my husband is texting with spy camera or baby monitor?

How to See Who My Husband is Texting: 3 Best Methods

You can use a baby monitor to spy on your husband’s phone! A camera and microphone are included with the device. So you will be able to hear every word that he says as well.

As for spying with a common webcam or hidden cameras. It is not recommended because these methods do not work very effectively due to low quality of video feed. You might want to consider using mSpy application instead!

Use a GPS device

If you have access (or know someone who has) the target cell phone, then this method may work best for you. Find out where your spouse usually keeps their cellphone when they aren’t home. Now get yourself an inexpensive mini-GPS tracking system .

Also you can install on the car a GPS tracking device that is connected to the mobile phone and send you a SMS about its location.

Signs that your husband is cheating on you:  

How to See Who My Husband is Texting: 3 Best Methods

Change of appearance:

If your husband suddenly starts taking care of his appearance and changes the way he dresses. It may be a sign that he is trying to look good for someone else.

Change in eating habits:

If your husband stops eating or becomes very secretive about what he is eating. It could be because he is hiding something from you.

Hiding his phone:

If your husband begins to hide his cellphone or turns it off when you are around. It could be because he doesn’t want you to see who he is texting.

Delays at work:

If your husband works at an office and suddenly starts taking longer lunches or coming home later than usual, he could be seeing someone.

Change in routine:  

If you notice that your husband is making more frequent trips to the gym, getting haircuts frequently, staying out late with his friends or going on business trips without telling you. First it could mean that something new has come into his life (or someone).

If these changes are accompanied by a change in behavior towards you like increased anger/irritation etc., definitely check if he’s cheating!

Frequent phone calls:

If you notice your husband answering his phone more frequently or taking a lot of calls. It could be because he is cheating on you.

Deterioration of intimate life:

If your husband is no longer interested in intimate activities with you. It could be because he is getting his needs fulfilled elsewhere.


If you have any suspicions that your husband is cheating on you, then it is best to investigate and find out for sure. The above mentioned signs are just some of the most common indicators that a husband may be having an affair. If you notice two or more of these changes in your husband’s behavior, it would be wise to start snooping around! Thanks for reading!

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