How to catch a narcissist cheating

How to catch a narcissist cheating

Narcissists are notorious for their cheating ways. They are great at lying and manipulating people, so catching them in the act is difficult. However, if you know what to look for, it becomes easier to catch a narcissist cheating on you. This blog post will teach you how to tell if your partner is being unfaithful and give advice on how to deal with this situation when they inevitably do cheat!

Signs a narcissist is cheating on you.

  • They boldly declare that they would never lie or cheat

Narcissists often have an inflated sense of self-worth and view themselves as above reproach. They will often make declarations such as “I would never cheat on you” or “I would never lie to you”. This is their way of garnering your trust and making you feel secure in the relationship.

  • They cancel plans last minute

Narcissists are often very controlling and demanding. They may cancel plans at the last minute or change them without warning, citing various excuses. This is a common behavior exhibited by cheating narcissists trying to create distance between you and other people to maintain control over you.

  • They chat secretly on social media

Cheating narcissists often have a need for attention and validation. They may chat privately with other people on social media, especially if they are not your friends or followers. This is a way of getting their needs met without you knowing about it.

  • Other people warn you about them

If multiple people have warned you about your partner’s cheating ways, there is a good chance that they are actually cheating. This could be a friend, family member, or even an ex-partner. Listen to what these people are saying and take their warnings seriously.

  • Sex habits change

Narcissists tend to be very self-centered and only care about their own pleasure. If you notice a sudden drop in your sex life or they refuse to have sex with you, this could mean that they are cheating on you. These changes may seem subtle at first but if it has been going on for some time, take note of them and ask yourself what is happening behind closed doors!

How to catch a narcissist cheating

There are several apps available online today that can help you spy on someone’s phone without installing software directly onto the device itself (you will need physical access to phone on 3-5 minutes). One such example of an application like this is called mSpy . You can use this app along with similar ones to find out what your cheating partner has been up to behind your back.

Mspy Features:

  • Calls: Monitor incoming and outgoing calls, date and time of calls, contact names
  • Text messages: View all text messages sent and received, including deleted texts
  • GPS tracking: Track the device’s exact location at all times
  • Social media monitoring: See which social media accounts have been accessed and what has been posted/shared

How To Know If A Narcissist Is Cheating On You

How to catch a narcissist cheating

If you have a feeling that something is going on, trust yourself and go with it! Trusting our gut feelings is very important when it comes to relationships because we often know what’s best for us, even if we can’t explain why. When in doubt about their cheating ways, contact the person they are messaging online or ask them outright if someone else is involved. They will either give themselves away by lying or flat-out admitting the truth which helps you move forward from there without any more lies clouding things up further down the line!

The main signs that a narcissist is cheating on you can be difficult to spot. However, there are some key behaviors to look out for. If your partner exhibits any of the following signs, they may be cheating on you:

  • They suddenly become distant or emotionally unavailable
  • Their sex drive drops off significantly
  • They start making excuses to not spend time with you
  • They are more secretive than usual and refuse to share details about their day
  • They become irritable or defensive when questioned about their behavior

Dealing With A Cheating Narcissist

How to deal with a cheating narcissist? If your partner is cheating on you, it can be tough to deal with. It is important to remember that this isn’t your fault and you are not responsible for their behavior. You may feel a range of emotions such as anger, betrayal, sadness, and confusion. These feelings are all valid and normal but it is essential to find ways to cope with them healthily.

You may want to consider talking to a therapist or joining a support group specifically for people narcissists have cheated on. This can help you process these intense emotions and move on from the painful experience. The most important thing is to take care of yourself during this time!


To catch a narcissist cheating , use spy app to know what cheating narcissist are up to. If you think your partner is cheating on you, trust your gut feeling and ask them directly if someone else is involved – they will either lie or fess up. Dealing with a cheating narcissist can be difficult but talking about it with friends and family, finding support group for people who have been cheated by narcissistic partners may help in processing emotions of betrayal.

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