Hero Instinct by James Bauer – What is The Hero Instinct?

What is Hero Instinct? How can you trigger the hero instinct in a man and make him step up and claim you as his? The secret to getting a man to shower you with romance is to invite and trigger the hero instinct in him. And once he feels inspired, you won’t have to do a thing – he won’t be able to stop himself from finding ways to make you feel special, ways to love you and show you how much you mean to him, ways to stand up and claim you as him woman and do everything in his power to prove that.

What is The Hero Instinct?

So What is Hero Instinct? Hero Instinct is a concept introduced by relationship and dating coach James Bauer  and best selling author of His Secret Obsession. It’s a technique that shows you exactly the words, phrases and body language you can use on your man or any man that will instantly trigger the hero part of his psychological mind in such a way that he will instantly stop all his excuses or non- committal attitude and begin to see your relationship with him as important, one he needs to nurture, protect and commit to.

What is His Secret Obsession?

His Secret Obsession is a relationship program written by relationship and dating expert James Bauer that teaches women exactly want a man secretly want, that inner desire in a man that turns his love switch alive. Knowing this secrets makes you irresistible to your man and any man you have intimate relationship with. His secret Obsession not only reveals to you the inner working of the male mind but also  teaches you techniques that you can use to arouse the innate feminine energy in you and use this energy to compel a man to want to get closer to you, to touch you, to open up his heart to you, to woo you, to romance you, to step up and claim you as his woman.  Follow this link to Download His Secret Obsession

Hero Instinct

How To Trigger a Man’s Hero Instinct

Triggering the hero instinct of a man has more to do with you being you and doing you than any other thing. Though James goes into psychological technique in his program, the core teaching on the program revolves round you being your authentic self, using your feminine power to allow a man to become the rock you can depend on, a tree going down your back and  into the earth. It means allowing your man to make you feel like he is a foundation for your personal power, someone you can rely and trust.

Men like the feeling of being the man in the relationship, and this can range from leading the relationship to doing all the heavy lifting. However, to get a man to man up and claim you as  his, you must be willing to step aside, to give up control, to lower your emotional wall and talk to him like he’s your man, your king.  To trigger his hero instinct, you must be willing to act like his queen, a queen that needs to be cherished and protected. To do that, you must be willing to be soft and gentle with him.

Most women due to experience have learn how to be strong without a man, while this is good, it has also prevented love from flowing to them especially from a good man. If you want to trigger a man’s hero instinct, you must be willing to lower your guard and allow him to take the lead.

Hero Instinct Phrases.

To trigger the hero instinct of a man, James Bauer came up with simple phrases which when spoken or send as text messages, inspires the desire of love, devotion, intimacy and romance in a man. It shows a man that you adore and respect him.  These phrases are not just words, they have been proven to work on even the most cold hearted, distant man.  As simple as they are, James put together what he called the Hero Instinct 12 Words that triggers the feeling on love and commitment in any man.

Hero Instinct 12 Words

The Hero Instinct 12 Words is a set of 12 words formulated by James Bauer that helps to trigger the hero instinct in any man. These words can either be spoken or send as a text message to a man. If you are tired of feeling neglected and rejected by a man, these 12 words can change the course of your relationship. According to James, these words stimulate the hero instinct in any man and make him set up to claim you as his queen.

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